hawg·wash BBQ (hôgwôsh, -wsh, hg-)

hawg·wash BBQ (hôgwôsh, -wsh, hg-) KEY


1. Worthless, false, or ridiculous speech or writing; nonsense.

2. Garbage fed to hogs; swill.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

America's Best Burger Cities

'Travel + Leisure' Lists America's Best Burger Cities

This month Travel + Leisure put up a list of America's 20 best major burger cities as picked by their readers. (Update: As David noted in the comments below, the 20 cities were picked from 35 choices, hence why more worthy cities may not appear on this list.)

1. Houston
2. Salt Lake City
3. Providence
4. Denver
5. Austin
6. Chicago
7. Nashville
8. Minneapolis/St. Paul
9. New York City
10. Savannah
11. Portland, OR
12. Los Angeles
13. Phoenix/Scottsdale
14. Dallas/Fort Worth
15. Kansas City
16. San Diego
17. San Antonio
18. Charleston
19. Atlanta
20. San Francisco

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