hawg·wash BBQ (hôgwôsh, -wsh, hg-)

hawg·wash BBQ (hôgwôsh, -wsh, hg-) KEY


1. Worthless, false, or ridiculous speech or writing; nonsense.

2. Garbage fed to hogs; swill.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy 41st Birthday to Chef Tyler Florence

Florence hosted Food 911 and How to Boil Water, and currently hosts Tyler's Ultimate on the Food Network.

Florence at one time considered opening a restaurant in New York City. In 2008 he developed a plan to open Bar Florence, in the Hotel Vertigo in San Francisco, California. In 2009 he opened a small chain of luxury kitchen supply stores in Northern California and developed three new restaurant concepts for the area: Wayfare Tavern in downtown San Francisco (formerly, Rubicon restaurant); Rotisserie & Wine, a fast food restaurant in downtown Napa, California; and with Sammy Hagar, El Paseo in downtown Mill Valley, California, an American tavern featuring ingredients only from Marin County.

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