hawg·wash BBQ (hôgwôsh, -wsh, hg-)

hawg·wash BBQ (hôgwôsh, -wsh, hg-) KEY


1. Worthless, false, or ridiculous speech or writing; nonsense.

2. Garbage fed to hogs; swill.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Alexei Ramirez Does Basically Live at Cafeteria y Restaurante de Pancho

In non-scandalous food news reporting by the Sun Times this morning, Lisa Donavon followed White Sox shortstop Alexei Ramirez around to his favorite Cuban spot in town, Cafeteria y Restaurante de Pancho. The Cuban-born player said he had to make sure there was a place in town where he could get arroz y habichuelas (rice with creamy black beans), like he used to have back home. It's a cute story, but we weren't sure how much we believed the claim that a White Sox player just hangs out at a humble Logan Square restaurant on his off time. For lunch today we decided to stop by and see if there were was any truth to this. Sure enough, sitting in the first table on the right was Alexei Ramirez. Oh, and those arroz y habichuelas? They were tasty.

2200 North California Avenue, Chicago, IL 60647-2904(773) 384-1865‎

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